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Brendan Carroll

Rendering A rendering of Anne Percoco’s installation Terrarium. Courtesy of the artist.

SILVERMAN and Hamilton Square Condominium Association in association with ArtBloc present ANNE PERCOCO: TERRARIUM

OPENING RECEPTIONFriday, September 5, 2014, 7–9 p.m.

Hamilton Square
232 Pavonia Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Exhibition on view September 5, 2014–ongoing

Anne Percoco’s Terrarium transforms an industrial shipping container into an enclosed ecosystem. With the help of the Hamilton Park Greens Group volunteers, she has filled the containers with weeds harvested from Hamilton Park. Choosing living plants over more static materials means opting for results that are unknown, spontaneous, and untamed. Throughout the two-month project run, the installation will be in a constant state of flux as the artist plants, waters, and maintains this living ecosystem.

Percoco sees Terrarium as a foil to the domesticated space of the park, a wild place within the neighborhood, encouraging viewers to look at the overlooked, and to be aware…

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Playlist 9/12/10 episode no.21

S&M – Untitled

(The) Giants of Gender – Perennial Plant

(The) Giants of Gender – Go Barefoot

Borne – Anticipate Label Mix – featuring: Ezekiel Honig, Mark Templeton, Morgan Packard, Nicola Ratti, Sawako, Klimek, aAron Munson

L.A. Lungs – A Metaphor For Comfort III

London Concrete – 1899 to 1999

Quattrophage – La Terre Est Ronde Mais L’horizon Est Plat!

Will Never Cease Us From Motioning Air – Galaxy Of Tar 1

Indian Sonic Omnibus – Untitled

Hati – Moon drone

Hip Fudge Music – Untitled

Zilmrah – Eat You / I Am The Strength

Ulrich Krieger – Cephei

Strange Walls – 1i2i3i

PAS – Melancholy Drink Coaster

Village Orchestra – Sunken

Jacques Baraban – Brian & Regina

Ben Frost – Feeding

Ulrich Kriger – Cephei

Les Mogul – Torosiar

Hafler Trio – I Remain…

First KMH – First Consolidated 1

First KMH – First Consolidated 2

Richard Lainhart and Thomas Zunk – Live at Schiphorst

Glenn Branca – Structure

Paavoharju – Mustakatu

Vultures/Ampersand – Part 1 (Excerpt)

Robert Fripp and Brian Eno – Heavenly Music Corporation

Astro Metria – Internals

Speak Onion – Twilight Sleep

Rohmall – Avanciert

9/4/10 episode no.20

The Johnny Files – GM Exploration

The Johnny Files – Strange part 1

Volcano The Bear – Wood Frong Pond

Volcano The Bear – Charlots of Fur

Wizards of Oi – July or December

FluiD – UnCrtn

FluiD – Concrete

Magic City Madness – [song for Ra]

Magic City Madness – Never Forget Me

Brandstifter – Diddl Youth

Brandstifter – rauschgiftengelloops

toys r noise – les crocodiles

toys r noise – le jerk

DJ Restless – Without Reason? Restless?

BlackSaturnvs.subduxtion – ConqueringEcho

Harry Partch – Delusion of the Fury


Playlist 8/15/10 episode no.17

Clutter – live from Astoria

Richard Lainhart – Oriason

Prehistroric Horse – Chasing Cats Around the Room

Vampire Squid – Sperm Whale A Go-Go

Manburger Surgical – Manburger procession

Manburger Surgical – The World is Really Made of Love

Speak Onion – The incarceration of Garbageman Po

Aron Blue – The Spider’s Song

Catacombz – Gold Mold

Catacombz – Rio Turbo

Joy Through Noise – Brutal Pixie Mix

The Boy with the Ice Cream Face – Piece1

Zilmrah – That Feeling Again

Robot Jesus – Quiet Down

CloudCloud feat. Anne Percoco – Soundescape

Mashup: Jimi Hendix – Little Miss Lover and Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice

Richard Lainhart

Damien Olsen

Amar Chaundry – excerpt from the plug:dos headphone festival

Philippe Petit – The Nuptial Flights of Fireflies

Volcano The Bear – Before We Came to This Religion

Jacob TV – Jesus is Coming

Trinitron – live set

Theme Song: Strange Walls – one eye two eye three eye

Crassmass – O Christmas Tree

Subsonika – I like boobies

Excerpt from EMC may 2009 – An Introduction to Logic

Postcards: Atlantic City EP

Fennesz – Before I Leave

Tree Wave – Machines Fall Apart

Crystal Fighters – I Love London


Mount Eerie – Through The Trees

Suburban Knight – Nannytown

Cibbo Matto – Sci-fi Wasabi

Psychic Space Invasion – Takes of the Grass

Dionysiacs – 1996-1997 China City Take Out Tapes

Xinlisupreme – Zouave’s Blue

Various Production – The World is Gone (featuring Cat Power)

Langley School’s Music Project: Good Vibrations (Beach Boys Cover)

Paavoharju – Musta Katu

Unraveled Brown Cassette Tape Lying On a Freeway – Porn Music For Airports

Father Fabric – Basis 2

Theme song: StrangeWalls – one eye two eye three eye

mnorthern – Roman Water

Mike Bruno and The Mouths of Mire – April Showers

Mike Bruno and The Mouths of Mire – Rites of Spring

Margitt Holzt & Thorsten Soultau – Johnny + Billy Wet Mix

Autechre – remix of Stereolab – Refractions in the plastic pulse

Teengirl Fantasy – Hoop Dreams

The Books – Meditation

Angelika Kohlermann – You and Me

Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

Exedra – Death Disco

Suicide – Keep Your Dreams

Zilmrah – Predators

Dirty Projectors + Bjork – On and Ever Onward

HEALTH – Severin (Small Black Remix)

Lucky Dragons – I Keep Waiting for Earthquakes

Macdonald Duck Eclair – Mac Teenage Riot

Frank Zappa – Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Quattrophage – L-eveil

Philippe Petit & Friends – The Night Crawler

Ookie-A Table! – excerpt

Le’el – Untitled

Somnambule – At The Dawn

Wo – Micro Inside Part 2

Indian Sonic Omnibus – Varanasi Boat Ride on The Ganges

Prehistoric Horse – Verdant Rodent

Derek Johnson – Solo For Rhianon

Jacques Baraban – Untitled

Ohcy-espe – Part I – Prologue



Philippe Petit – A Scent of Garmambrosia

Black Saturn Vs. Subduxtion – Conquering Echo

DJ Restless – Tranquilized

Vulpine Smile – a complex Martrydom Complex

Trinitron – Live at the Tank

Volcano the Bear – Bow Heavier My Lord.

The One Ensemble – Mustard Mustard

Midnight Moon Ensemble – Sirens of the Sky

LA Lungs – a metaphor for comfort II (Cortez the Kicker)

Zap-Pascal – Under the trees

nearDeath – That was not you

Blue Prostitutes – Speed Turns to Light

Pamelia Kurstin – Theremin Orchestra

FluiD – Black Jinn

Mash-up: Mel Torme – New York State of Mind, Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice

Exedra – Waltz