Strange Walls –  “L.1i2i3i”

The Restrictor – “Manhattan/Frost”

Amanda Ray – “Body of Gold”

SK Orchestra –  “Live from Flux Factory”

Damien Olsen  – “Once Upon a Mouse”

Stu – “Ready to Score”

Big Brother on Acid – “The Sun and the Moon”

Stu – “ST-God Back from Hell”

Frastimu – “Magnetica Ars Lab”

Wizards of Oi –  “Get on the Freak Bus”

Post Abortion Stress – “Time is a Constant Relapse”

Thomthom Geigenschrey – “Little Nemo in Slumberland”

Zilmrah – “Flies Away”

FluiD – “Five Finger Death Crawl”

X-NAVI:ET – “Reversed Space for No.1”

Cloud Cloud – “Introit”

Transubstantiation –  “Shield Your Eyes, Pray for Death”

Abstract Artimus – “Fourth Plateau”

Christmas Decorations – “Rosin Slip”