Theme Song: Strange Walls – one eye two eye three eye

Crassmass – O Christmas Tree

Subsonika – I like boobies

Excerpt from EMC may 2009 – An Introduction to Logic

Postcards: Atlantic City EP

Fennesz – Before I Leave

Tree Wave – Machines Fall Apart

Crystal Fighters – I Love London


Mount Eerie – Through The Trees

Suburban Knight – Nannytown

Cibbo Matto – Sci-fi Wasabi

Psychic Space Invasion – Takes of the Grass

Dionysiacs – 1996-1997 China City Take Out Tapes

Xinlisupreme – Zouave’s Blue

Various Production – The World is Gone (featuring Cat Power)

Langley School’s Music Project: Good Vibrations (Beach Boys Cover)

Paavoharju – Musta Katu

Unraveled Brown Cassette Tape Lying On a Freeway – Porn Music For Airports

Father Fabric – Basis 2