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L.A. Lungs – A Metaphor For Comfort I (It’s a Hard Knock Life)

Ideosynchronic – Memory Man

Jacques Baraban – Synthetic Angel

The Starlines – Tribute to John Cage

Brandstifter – Die Schwartze Katze

Glenn Branca – Lesson No. 2

Lucky Dragons – Hello New Friend

Health – Die Slow

Quetzolcoatl – A Paternal Choir of Sea Smoke

Indian Sonic Omnibus – Mysore Dasana Go-Go Band

Now4ever – Romance

Zilmrah – Predators

London Concrete – 10/2

Bassturd – Sick Things

PAS – Time is a Constant Relapse

MASH UP – Madonna – Celebration and Wesley Willis – Rock and Roll McDonalds
No Winners


Anal Rampage – The Astounding Ass Pounding

Nihal Ramchandani – Surge (v1)

Dr. Rek – Deeper Acid 2

Phillip White – Fold

Mammatus – The Outer Rim

Test Dept – Siege of Quebec

Glenn Branca – Lesson Numberz

Maurizio Bianchi – Caro Planum

Faust – Ozean

Eaten By Children – Six

Sinus Buds – 100219_02

FluiD -Disrupting the Ghost

Zilmrah – Larvae

Sinjo Thraw Mash – Bursts of Bends

Cloud Cloud – Friml

Aural Resuscitation Unit – Ambush

PAS – The Final Song of the Last Night

Cemetery Improvement Society – Lonely Dog Island

EXPERIMENTAL SPOT – Don Ho – Tiny Bubbles / Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky
-No winner

Strange Walls – 1i2i3i

Susumu Yokota – Kodomotachi

International People’s Gang – Aeroplane

David Toop – Decomposition/Decay

Eheim 1000.220 – 676 Sek Liebe

Thorsten Soltau – Rezita TI (T) on

Thorston Saltau – Komposi TI(T) on

Magic Zorillo – Chloroform

Rothko – This Lake of Hope

Raoul Bjorkenheim – Spirits

Mum – Island of Children’s Children

Strangewalls – Beside Me

Strangewalls – Wave of Mutilation

Damien Olsen – Jean Baudrillard

Perplexions – Endless Beginnings

Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto – Morning

Magnetica Ars Lab – Loakal

Norken – Memories

The Tronic – Bent Festival 2010

Zilmrah – “Predators”

Soisong – “Amkhapaa”

Danlee Mitchel – Harry Partch’s “Chorus of Shadows”

Rovar 17 – “Iron Age”

History of Popular Music – “Shit Pot Classic”

Whales in Space – “Beutelratten”

Damien Olsen – “Once Upon a Mouse”

The Year Zero – “Holland, Say Hello”

Zoviet France – “Something Spooked the Horses”

Now4ever – “It’s Me”

VickysBooties – “Love Song 4”

The Caged Bird Sings – Track 1

Exedra – “Bereft of Hope”

Strange Walls – “1i2i3i”

Crash Worship – “Pillar of Fire”

Crash Worship – “Awake”

Zoviet France – “Norsch Imirsch”

Zoviet France – “Norsch Vorvah”

Barbara Bucholz – “Hidden Melody”

Barbez – “West Rogers Park”

Pamelia Kurstin – “Autumn Leaves”

Glenn Branca – “Lightfield (In Consonance)”

Marcel Duchamp – “Erratum Musical: La Mariée Mise à Nu Par Ses Célibataires, Même (prepared piano)”

Tom Middleton – “4 02”

Now4ever – “Romance”

Un Escargot Vide? – “Un Manège Sans Titre”

Brain Entertainment Laboratory – “Solar Drifting”

Horizon 222 – “Psychedelic Music”

Walter Wegmuller – “Der Magier”

Strange Walls – “1i 2i 3i”

Jacob TV = “The Body of your Dreams”

Einstrutsende Neubauten – “Grundstueck:Vox Populi”


Hati -“Chaingong”

Vultures-Excerpt from “56:29

Andrew Lilies – “A little Chittagonian Lasear Barefootan Starving”

Andrew Lilies – “Another Journey”

Andrew Lilies – “As and When”

Andrew Lilies – “A Simple Piano”

Muslimgauze – “Sphinx of Damascus”

mnortham – “Roman Water”

Jacob TV – “Grab it!”

Christ Knapp – “Wave Organ”

Escargot Vide? – “Ameko”

Charles Manson/Lady Gaga – “Look at your Game Girl” / “Paparazzi”

Strange walls – “1i2i3i”

Hip F*ck Music. Volume 1 – Untitled

Spreaders – “B thirteen”

Faust – “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl”

Expe. Nishi – “Linne”

The Slowest Runner In All The World – “5 Violins”

JuliJuni & Thorsten Soltau – “Bruke Zur Genese”

Office – “Q&A”

Explosions In The Sky – “Your Hand In Mine”

Tom Middleton – “Prana”

Sean Noonan Brewed By Noon – “Scabies Stories”

Trinitron – “Ellipse”

The Starlines – “blah blah fireplace”

nearDeath – “bbbbbbbb”

Big brother on Acid – “T-1-2-3x”

Thundercade – “Peace Africa” and “Circulation”

Bubblyfish – “Sweet dreams remix”

Nullsleep – “Valentine Final”

Damien Olsen – “Kenwood Pie”

Walking with Cavemen – “Mosquito Village”

Cloud Cloud feat. Anne Percoco – “Soundescape”

Strange Walls – “Black Mold”

Z’EV – Rhythmajik (Songs 1 thru 3)

Helium – “Skeleton”

Armenia – “Einstürzende Neubauten”

Kickbot – “Terra”

Caustic Cast – “Stoker”

Re_ Mosquito Illusion – Haco

PAS – “Otherworldly Magic in County Kirkahan”

Coil – “Ayor”

Unknown – “Space Lounge Rhapsody” from “History of Popular Music”

Magic Zorillo – “The Ei of Einstein”

Slint – “Good Morning, Captain”

Trash 80 – “Icarus”

Lucky Dragons – “Mercy”

Lucky Dragons – “Hello New Friend”

Damien Olsen – “Crest Sound Collage”

Amar Chaundry – Selection from the Plug headphone festival

Strange Walls – “Everybody Disappears”

Strange Walls –  “L.1i2i3i”

The Restrictor – “Manhattan/Frost”

Amanda Ray – “Body of Gold”

SK Orchestra –  “Live from Flux Factory”

Damien Olsen  – “Once Upon a Mouse”

Stu – “Ready to Score”

Big Brother on Acid – “The Sun and the Moon”

Stu – “ST-God Back from Hell”

Frastimu – “Magnetica Ars Lab”

Wizards of Oi –  “Get on the Freak Bus”

Post Abortion Stress – “Time is a Constant Relapse”

Thomthom Geigenschrey – “Little Nemo in Slumberland”

Zilmrah – “Flies Away”

FluiD – “Five Finger Death Crawl”

X-NAVI:ET – “Reversed Space for No.1”

Cloud Cloud – “Introit”

Transubstantiation –  “Shield Your Eyes, Pray for Death”

Abstract Artimus – “Fourth Plateau”

Christmas Decorations – “Rosin Slip”